16 Things to Never Do at the Gym

Gym culture has an etiquette all its own—brush up on the things never to do at the gym before you offend someone holding a 300-pound barbell.

Don’t leave a mess behind

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So, you need a mat, Bosu ball, an assortment of free weights, a foam roller, an incline bench, and a few kettlebells to complete your workout? Great—but when you’re done, remember the cardinal rule of any gym. “At the end of your workout, or as you’re done with each piece of equipment, put everything back,” says Dawn Bartolini, a lifestyle and weight-loss coach (who happens to have lost more than 100 pounds). “Your mama doesn’t work here!” On that note, put everything back where it belongs, not where it’s convenient. If you haven’t yet joined a gym, check out these 9 insider secrets to save money on gym memberships.

Don’t grunt the entire time

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Look, we get it: You’re lifting sooo much weight. But no one is impressed: “Lifting heavy weights is hard, but if you’re grunting on every single set—you’re a tool,” says James Shapiro, an NYC-based NASM-certified trainer. “No one is impressed, you’re awarded no points, and no one will talk to you. Please relearn how to breathe properly, which will also help you make greater increases in strength and lean muscle.”

Don’t make the locker room public

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There’s really no need to catch up with your boyfriend on video chat while you’re touching up your makeup in the locker room. Please move this to the top of your list of things to never do at the gym, says Eve Dawes, a NASM-certified trainer, and yoga, spin, and Zumba instructor. “Do not FaceTime in the locker room. We are trying to shower and get changed, not be part of a peep show.” And while we’re on the subject, here’s how bad it is to wear makeup at the gym.

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