16 Things Your Manicurist Is Secretly Thinking About You

From hygiene tips to dishy gossip: Everything your nail technician wishes they could say but doesn’t.

You can exfoliate your own cuticles—in the shower


“It’s important to exfoliate your cuticles regularly, especially if you have dry skin. But you don’t have to wait for your manicurist to do this—just rub your nails with a wash cloth in the shower, pushing back and rubbing in a circular motion. The moist air in the shower will help soften the cuticle so you can clean it and remove dead skin easier.” —Lisa Jachno, a celebrity manicurist based in California Here are some surprising things your nails can reveal about your health.

Wash your hands. Twice.


“Hand washing is so important. There’s always an odor when you do someone’s nails and we don’t want to smell the hamburger (with extra onions) you had for lunch. Same goes for super sweaty hands—if you don’t have time to shower after your workout, at least wash your hands.” —Amy Harold, a shellac nail expert in Utah 

Unclench, please


“I hate when nail clients have stiff hands! It’s the worst! To do a good manicure you need to make sure all areas and angles of the nail are covered and if your hands are stiff or rigid that definitely limits my ability to do that.”  —Heather Norton, a cosmetologist and nail technician in Denver, Colorado Follow these other tricks to make your manicure last longer.

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