16 Things Your Neighbor Secretly Knows About You

Without even realizing it, you may be giving away info about yourself, your family, and your lifestyle. Here’s what your neighbor might secretly know about you.

You’re away on vacation

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Signs that you’re away on vacation include newspapers piling up on your driveway or front stoop, mail overflowing from the mailbox, and darkened windows. So if you don’t want the fact that you’re away on vacay to be obvious, arrange with the post office to hold your mail and for your newspaper delivery to be suspended, and set some of your indoor lamps to turn on and off automatically with a timer. But don’t leave your outdoor lights on 24/7 as that’s a dead giveaway you’re not home to turn them off.

Your political leanings

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How you decorate the outside of your house offers your neighbors subtle clues about your party registration. For example, if you fly an American flag outside your house, it’s a sign you might lean toward the right. But if you post political signage on your front lawn, your neighbors will be able to assume, pretty much without a doubt, who you’ll be voting for in the next election. Here are 13 very personal details your house reveals about you.

What you like to watch on TV

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What you watch on television can be tracked by your provider, so to keep your information private, you can turn off data sharing in your TV settings. What you watch on television can also be tracked by nosy neighbors who can see into your windows. So if you want to keep your television choices private, consider placing your television on a wall that can’t be seen directly from the street or from a neighbor’s window. And consider privacy-enhancing window treatments.

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