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17 Costco Items You’ll Only See in Japan

Costcos in Japan offer some of your American favorites—like hot dogs and pizza at the food court—along with their own unique items.


caviarCourtesy Jordan Laliberte

Actually, despite the “spiced salmon caviar” label, this is technically just roe. Caviar has to come from a sturgeon. Womp. Find out which things you should never, ever buy at Costco.

Giant tubes of mayogiant tubes of mayo

Think again if you thought the mayonnaise obsession was limited to middle America. At Costco in Japan, you can get a hefty two-pound tube of the good stuff, which is made with rice vinegar instead of distilled vinegar. And yes, the Kewpie on the package is supposed to look like those old Kewpie dolls.

Cod roe pasta sauce

cod roe pasta sauceCourtesy Jordan Laliberte

Kewpie isn’t the only doll getting some attention at Costco. Cod eggs are the sauce base for the Italian-Japanese fusion dish mentaiko spaghetti.

Fried squid

fried squidCourtesy Jordan Laliberte

America has pork rinds; Japan has fried squid. It’s almost like ready-to-eat calamari. Almost. Check out these 15 secrets Costco employees won’t tell you.

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