18 Raw Birth Photos Show The Power Of A Supportive Partner

A powerful series of birth photos is shedding light on the power of a partner’s comfort and support.

Kirstie Perez has been photographing births for six years, and in that time, she’s worked to capture moments of vulnerability and bravery. In November, the Dallas-based birth photographer shared a collection of photos that show men supporting their partners in the delivery room. (Some of these photos are NSFW.)

“What inspired me to make the series of dads has everything to do with empathy,” Perez told HuffPost. “Over the years, birth partners are in the shadows and feel powerless, but they don’t realize how powerful their attentiveness and empathy really are. It gives men a chance to see that their emotional availability can be crucial to the women they love. They are not incapable.”

Since sharing the collection, Perez has received positive comments from both men and women who seen their own birth experiences represented in the photos.

“I hope people see through my imagery how important a supportive birth partner and team are for the emotional and psychological well-being of the mother,” said Perez. “Birth is much more than a physical aspect of bearing a child. An intentional environment is a safe environment.”

Keep scrolling for a look at the collection and visit Perez’s website and Facebook page to see more of her birth photography.

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