18 Secrets of Women Who Manage to Work Out Every Day

Surround yourself with people who GET it

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If you’re constantly surrounded by inactive people chances are you will follow in those same footsteps. Instead you have to find workout buddies who you can bond with over a sweat session. “You have to spend time with people who are already that way. Find people who inspire you (instructors, influencers, friends) and orbit their circle. You become like the people you spend the most time with!” says Emily O’Connell, 28.

Stay in the know in the fitness world


If you explore different avenues of fitness, you’ll find it’s easier to remain active. “I like switching up different types of exercises and classes according to favorite instructors, and working toward a new goal, such as a race,” says Silke Haassemann, 44. Make sure you don’t make these 8 group fitness class mistakes, though.

Explore the options that are out there

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Depending on where you live, you may find that the fitness world is thriving with lots of chances to get fit. “NYC is awesome for this as there are abundant studios and classes and clubs and free workouts! If you overslept and missed your workout, there’s a lunch option; if you couldn’t make it for lunch, there’s a night workout option,” says Bernadette Chan, 31.

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