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18 States with Weird Laws About Beer, Wine, and Liquor

Maine: No drinking games

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You can’t play drinking games in any of Maine’s bars. The state law prohibits “any game or contest that involves drinking,” so no beer pong here. Maine also prohibits alcohol sales before 9 a.m. on Sundays, except St. Patrick’s Day.

Tennessee: No whiskey tastings

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Jack Daniel’s famous whiskey distillery is located in Moore County, a dry county in Tennessee. Up until recently, distillery guests were treated to a class of cool, mouth-watering lemonade after the tour! Fortunately, visitors are now able to have a taste of the good stuff. Bring the flavor home with one of our favorite recipes: bacon whiskey jam.

Virginia: Happy hour has rules

Barman is decorating cocktail with rocket no faceMaksim Fesenko/Shutterstock

While Virginia law does allow happy hours, bars and restaurants are required to follow some strict rules. For example, they can only advertise with the phrases “drinks specials” or “happy hour.” Plus, two-for-one drink specials are off-limits.

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