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19 Tricks Frugal Shoppers Use to Save Big on Groceries

Cut your grocery bill with these strategies for making food last longer, avoiding supermarket gimmicks, making the most of coupons, and more.

Walk through aisles you don’t use


Every store has an aisle or two that has no temptations for you (pet food, paper goods, baby supplies, cosmetics, and so forth). Make that aisle your passageway to the departments you need at the back of the store. Why tempt yourself by using the candy aisle? These are the 50 supermarket tricks you still fall for.

Buy chicken whole


Never buy chicken parts (breasts, wings) when you can buy the whole thing and make more meals from it, for pennies on the pound. Forget about fancy butchering: using strong kitchen shears, cut the chicken up the breast bone, up the back bone, and then cut those halves in half again. Cut off wings and legs, and you have the kind of pieces that you’d pay big bucks for.

Cut the cost of gourmet coffee


Even coffee made at home can be pricey, if you have expensive taste in beans and roast. Mix pleasure with savings: Combine one part of your favorite gourmet coffee with one part of a much less expensive store brand. These simple habit adjustments will help you save even more on groceries.

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