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20 Foods You’re Spoiling by Putting in the Refrigerator


Fresh raw Purple Eggplant in a special wicker basket for Eggplant on gray wooden background. Top view, blank space.Sergey Fatin/Shutterstock

If you’re eating eggplant a few days after purchase, it’s OK to keep it out on the counter. Storing it in the fridge could dull the flavor. Note, eggplant does have a short shelf life outside of the fridge, so be sure to eat it right away.

Whole watermelon

Watermelons in the farmer's shopIgor Sirbu/Shutterstock

You don’t need to make room for a huge, uncut watermelon in your fridge. The fruit is actually best stored at room temperature. Keep it on the counter until it’s time to cut it up. After you slice it, wrap it up and place it in the fridge. Next, check out these 15 food storage guidelines you didn’t know.

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