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20 Kitchen Tools You Can’t Live Without for Thanksgiving

Just because Thanksgiving traces back to the 1600s, it doesn’t mean your meal prep needs to come from the same century. After trying these handy gadgets, you’ll give thanks for modern cooking devices.

Slow cooker

Slow cookervia

Between the pies, the bird, and the side dishes, most Thanksgiving hosts quickly run out of room in their ovens. Don’t worry, you can still ensure every dish is ready at the same time simply by setting up a slow cooker (or two). The Chefman All-Natural Slow Cooker, with its Paleo-certified stoneware insert, is available in three sizes and makes cleanup a breeze. And trust us: Once you make your green bean casserole this way, you’ll never go back to fighting for oven space. Just be sure you aren’t making these 15 slow cooker mistakes.

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Poultry shears

Poultry Shearsvia

Whether you’re interested in Spatchcocking your turkey (removing the backbone so that the breasts cook flat and more quickly) or just need to do a little trimming, a pair of poultry shears makes the work so much easier. OXO Good Grips Poultry Shears feature soft, comfortable grips, a spring-loaded handle to prevent hand strain, and sharp stainless steel blades. When you’re ready to wash them, the blades separate so you can clean every nook and cranny. Don’t miss these 27 funny Thanksgiving help-line calls from Butterball.

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Meat thermometer

Meat Thermometervia

On Thanksgiving, everyone who enters your kitchen seems to have an opinion on whether or not the turkey is done. Take the guesswork out of this important decision, with the Gourmia GTH9150 Dual Meat Thermometer—it reads the internal and surface temperatures of food within 2 percent accuracy. Its large LED digital display changes colors to indicate the level of doneness and a built-in magnet allows you to hang it on the fridge when not in use. Simply pierce your poultry for an accurate internal reading, or aim the handy laser for a remote wireless measurement.

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