20-Minute Low-Impact HIIT Workout for Total-Body Strength

You don’t need to run, jump, or do explosive movements to get an intense workout. Our newest Sweat With SELF video is proof: It’s a sweaty low-impact HIIT workout that will seriously work your muscles while still going gentle on your joints.

Led by Taylor and Justin Norris, cofounders of the LIT Method, the workout features nine low-impact bodyweight movements that together target your entire body. That includes major muscle groups like your legs, butt, shoulders, back, and core. The routine also delivers a good dose of cardio thanks to the HIIT format, which involves bursts of maximum effort work followed by short periods of rest. Because HIIT encourages all-out performance, it’s a great way amp up the difficulty of any movements—including, yes, low-impact ones. And yet one more perk of this routine: It finishes with stretching and foam rolling to massage tight muscles and kickstart your recovery.

Important note: Just because this is a low-impact HIIT workout doesn’t mean it is safe for everyone. If you’re injured or have joint pain, check in with a professional first. They can help you determine the best exercise plan for you and advise on whether a routine like this is a good idea.

If you are okay’d to do this sweaty workout, grab a mat, foam roller, and water bottle. Then, check out the video below, or keep scrolling to get detailed workout directions and GIFs of each move.

Workout Directions

Start with the dynamic warm-up. Do each exercise for the designated time with no rest between movements. When you’re done, rest for 30 seconds.

Next, move onto the circuits. There are 3 circuits with 3 moves each. Do each move for 60 seconds with little to no rest. (It’s okay to take 5 to 10 seconds between each move to transition to the next.) At the end of the circuit, rest for 30 seconds. Do each circuit 2 times before moving to the next circuit.

Finish with the active cooldown. Do each move for the designated time with no rest in between movements.

Dynamic Warm-Up

  • Butt Kicks x 60 seconds
  • Alternating Shoulder Stretch x 30 seconds
  • Arm Circles x 60 seconds

Circuit 1

  • Alternating Toe Taps x 60 seconds
  • Squat to Overhead Reach x 60 seconds
  • Alternating Reverse Lunge x 60 seconds

* Rest for 30 seconds. Repeat the circuit once more.

Circuit 2

  • Inchworm x 60 seconds
  • Mountain Climber x 60 seconds
  • Plank Shoulder Tap x 60 seconds

*Rest for 30 seconds. Repeat the circuit once more.

Circuit 3

  • Alternating Lateral Lunge x 60 seconds
  • Sumo Squat x 60 seconds
  • Sumo Squat With Obliques Crunch x 60 seconds

*Rest for 30 seconds. Repeat the circuit once more.

Active Cooldown (with Foam Roller)

  • Calf Roll-Out x 30 second each side
  • Hamstring Roll-Out x 15 second each side
  • Overhead Stretch x 10 seconds

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