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20 Supermarket Shopping Secrets from America’s Top Grocery Stores

It’s clear why these stores are considered number one: the deals! Here’s how you can also save big at these top 20 grocery stores.

Competitor coupons at Publix

PublixCristobal Herrera/Epa/REX/Shutterstock

Did you see a coupon from a competitor instead of Publix? Bring that coupon with you! Publix posts a list of competitors at each store, allowing you to bring in a coupon you saw elsewhere and get that same deal right at Publix.

Double coupon policy at Wegmans

WegmansAndriy Blokhin/shutterstock

Speaking of coupons, Wegmans offers a stellar deal with their double coupon policy. If you saw a coupon from a manufacturer that was less than $ 0.99 in value, Wegmans will not only give you that coupon but will also reward you with another $ 0.99 off. If the price is above $ 1, they will still give you the coupon’s face-value deal. Don’t miss these 19 shopping tricks all frugal shoppers use.

Return policy at Trader Joe’s

Trader-joesJonathan Weiss/Shutterstock

Hated the recent flavor of Joe Joes? Just return them! That’s right, even after trying something, you can actually return it if you found it unbearable. Trader Joe’s will happily take it back and give you a refund.

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