21 Annoying Coffee Shop Habits You Have, According to Starbucks Baristas

Your phone is the bane of your barista’s existence.

You are totally unprepared


While you don’t need to know your order the minute you walk into the restaurant, baristas appreciate if you spend your waiting time thinking about what you want if there’s a long line. “They’ve stood in line for 15 minutes waiting, thinking about what they’re going to order, and then they get to the register and they just stare at the menu as if it’s the first time they’re seeing it,” says Alyssa, store manager at a New York Starbucks. By the way, if you pay for refills at Starbucks, you’re wasting your money.

You’re an indecisive Starbucks addict

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Starbucks employees will be particularly annoyed at your long, hard thought if they know you’re familiar with the menu. “When they come here like every single day and they start looking at the menu and the line starts forming, I’m like, come on, hurry up,” says Luis, shift supervisor at a New York location. “You come here every day and you still don’t know what you want?”

You ask a million questions


Asking how Oprah cinnamon chai is different from chai is one thing, but listing the ingredients of single Frappuccino gets tedious. “I get that Starbucks is kind of confusing and you don’t know all the stuff, but there are a few things you could figure out,” says Emily, who worked five months at a Pennsylvania location. This is the real reason why Starbucks coffee sizes aren’t small, medium, and large.

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