21 Awesome Gifts for the Active Dad

As hard as it may seem to believe, Father’s Day is almost here, which means it’s time to figure out as many ways as possible to spoil dad on his special day. It can sometimes be a challenge to figure out what to buy for the man who has practically everything, but for the active dad, a great pair of training sneakers or a handy foam roller can go a long way. If your dad’s weekend activities are anything like mine, you’ll likely catch him taking a long bike ride near the beach or attempting to hit an ace on the tennis court (when I let him win) now that warm weather has finally arrived.

Although we may push and plead, sometimes it can be tough to get dads out of the routines they’ve created for themselves over the years—which probably includes using products that are in need of a serious upgrade. (I’m pretty sure my dad has been riding the same bike on the weekends since I was born.) If your dad practically lives at the gym and you’re stumped about what to get him this holiday, check out a few great gift ideas that will inspire him to go extra hard during his next workout. He might be convinced to finally upgrade his cell phone, too.

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