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21 Gifts for the Aspiring Baker

2018 was both the year I finally got into baking and the year that I realized I didn't have any baking tools. Unlike with cooking, you can't just decide to start baking. At the bare minimum, you need a few essential items to make anything beyond super basic stuff like microwave mug cakes and simple cookies.

That's why it can be particularly tough to be an aspiring baker. You can't just make beautiful cakes and pies on a whim—you need specific equipment to actually get started. If you know of anyone in your close circle that spends all day dreaming of rolling out dough and creaming butter and sugar, consider buying them one of these 21 gifts. They include all the necessary baking tools to get them started, like cake pans, spatulas, and mixing bowls, as well as big-budget items like stand mixers and food processors that will take them from dreamer to professional in no time. Plus, whatever you get them will also kind of be a gift for you—after all, who do you think they're going to do all that baking for?

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