21 Signs You’re Way Too Addicted to Your Phone

The first step is admitting you have a problem.

You check the time, then immediately forget


We’ve all been there. You open your screen to check what time it is, then forget as soon as it goes dark again, and have to look once more. You’re so used to glancing at your phone that it becomes a habit, rather than an actual way to gain information. Make sure you’re not committing one of these 10 cell phone etiquette sins.

Your phone is your security blanket

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You’re waiting for your meeting to start, so instead of making small talk with your coworkers, you stare intently at your phone, going through those unimportant emails you’d purposely ignored before. Quit turning to your phone during awkward situations, and boost your confidence by forcing yourself to work the room. Those face-to-face interactions will be way more satisfying than scrolling through Twitter.

Your phone is always on you


Of course you wouldn’t be so rude as to start texting when you’re out for dinner, but you still leave your phone in your pocket or on the table (it’s on silent, though!) where you can see it. Separation anxiety could be a major sign you should take a break from your relationship with your screen. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, after all. These 8 things are always killing your smartphone battery.

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