21 Top Trainer Tips to Get in Shape

This is the time of year everyone’s thoughts turn to fitness. Get—and stay—in the best shape of your life with the top tips from the fittest fitness experts.

Focus on fitness, not hotness

Courtesy Meghan Kennihan

Improving performance, strength, speed, flexibility and/or consistency is more effective than constantly weighing yourself or staring at yourself in the mirror, says fitness trainer Meghan Kennihan. “Take the emphasis off the aesthetic results, and put it on becoming the best athlete you can be. The body and mind will change so much faster and the aesthetic gains will follow!”

Focus on the process, not the results

IMG_8694 (1)[1]Courtesy Jess Doss

“Fitness is about what you do every day,” says Jess Doss, head trainer at Nashville’s OrangeTheory Fitness. “It’s not about what you do once in a while or how you can make yourself look good for one particular event. Cultivate good habits,” Doss advises. “Watch your habits, not your weight. The small changes you make to your habits every single day are what add up to big changes over time.” Don’t know where to start? Here are 51 healthy habits for you to choose from.

Exercise your patience muscle

IMG_1496-1Courtesy Lisa Haefner Photo

Diana Mitrea, a certified personal and group fitness trainer in NYC, tells clients to focus on the idea that you’re making lifestyle changes—and they don’t happen overnight. Rather than having your eye on some future result, look for small victories along the way. Celebrate the lifestyle choices you make, such as eating healthy, getting in a great workout, or being able to do a push up for the first time (and then being able to do two). 

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