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22 Best Nonalcoholic Drinks to Try In Lieu of Booze in 2020

For many folks recovering from alcohol abuse or trying to avoid drinking, the isolation of quarantine and the constant barrage of new things to be upset about this year present some unique challenges: In-person support is compromised, routines are out the window, and the deluge of happy hour content from people crushing #quarantinis as if they’re at the Delta Lounge can trigger the same habits people are trying to quit.

There’s no one answer here, no magic formula or recommended daily approach (beyond the CDC’s usual drinking guidelines) when it comes to moderating your alcohol intake right now. The decision to drink in isolation or not is personal: a midmorning mimosa might feel awful to me but look like self-care or much-needed distraction to someone else.

Luckily for all of us, drinking culture is becoming more inclusive, bringing with it alcohol-free options that are far more sophisticated than a psychedelic blue juice with coordinating umbrella. In fact, following a boom in nonalcoholic cocktails, there are now so many booze alternatives on the market that it can be tough to know which belong on your bar cart. To get a sense of which ones are worth trying, we tapped six bartenders and beverage experts from around the country to share their picks on the best nonalcoholic drinks, spirits, bitters, mixers, shrubs, beers, and wines for shaking up a cocktail—or sipping by themselves—at home.

Whether you’re finding it hard to stay sober right now, trying to cut back, don’t really drink to begin with (but still want to enjoy the taste of a mixed drink), or just want to understand more about your drinking habits, these booze-free essentials are all delicious, refreshing, and guaranteed to bring enjoyment sans hangover. And if you want to add a nip of something alcoholic, nobody’s stopping you.

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