22 Gifts Women Actually Want for Valentine’s Day

Flowers and chocolates are great—sure—but there are some things women actually want for Valentine’s Day. We’ve rounded up the best bets that are sure to melt her heart this February 14th.

To sleep in


Even if you don’t have kids, the idea of sleeping in sounds divine. Forget having to make the bed, or run errands, how about a nice lazy day in bed with no responsibilities bigger than figuring out what’s on Netflix? Start her day out on a sweet foot by serving her one of these creatively delicious pancake ideas in bed. (Or get ideas from our free Valentine’s Day guide packed with dozens of quick tips and sweet ideas for an amazing V-Day celebration.)

Hotel-quality mattress topper


What better way to enjoy sleeping in (or sleeping in general) that with a hotel-grade mattress topper? This is a lot less expensive than purchasing a whole new mattress or even spending the night at a fancy hotel but has the same benefits: a state-of-the-art fiberfill that has the feel of authentic goose and duck down and promises of a fabulous night’s sleep.

Help around the house


Even if you’re a neat freak, there’s always some housework to do. But on Valentine’s Day, why not take care of it for your significant other? No laundry, no chores, nothing! Just give her a truly relaxing day and she’ll be in heaven. You lose a point, however, every time you ask her a question about how to do it. You can figure out the best setting for whites on the washing machine and which drawer your kids’ PJs go in all by yourself.

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