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22 Overlooked Kitchen Tools That Deserve Your Attention

A couple weeks ago, while I was at home cooking dinner with a friend, I reached for a pair of kitchen shears to cut up bacon. We were making some kind of salad with bacon bits in it, and rather than using a knife—which can be difficult because bacon is slippery and gummy—I decided kitchen shears were the better tool for the job. Sure, it looked kind of funny, but it made the whole process way easier.

My friend, however, was in complete shock as she saw me take the shears to the bacon like a preschooler cutting up construction paper. She'd only ever used them to cut open packages or plastic containers, things you'd conventionally use scissors on. She'd never used them to prep food, but she swore that was about to change.

The whole incident got me wondering: How many other fabulous kitchen tools are being overlooked? While I'm cooking, I lean heavily on appliances that beginner cooks might not know to prioritize or even know about at all. When Instant Pots and spiralizers get all the media attention, it's easy to forget about things like tongs, sieves, lemon squeezers, potato mashers, and, yes, kitchen shears, all of which are way more essential (in my humble opinion). These 22 products may not seem so important, but they'll make your days in the kitchen way, way easier.

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