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25 Cooking Mistakes That Ruin Your Food

Ignoring the commas

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If you don’t read a recipe closely it could ruin your dish. For example, if a recipe says “1 cup walnuts, chopped” this means measuring one cup of whole walnuts and then chopping them. “One cup of chopped walnuts” means that you would chop the walnuts before measuring. Watch out for these baking mistakes you never knew you were making.

Checking on your food while it’s in the oven

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It’s very tempting to open the oven to check on your food and get a whiff of what’s to come, but it could cause your food to be undercooked. Every time you open the oven door it releases enough heat to change the temperature. If you want to be able to see your food, turn on the light and look through the oven window.

Using cold ingredients

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It’s very important to use room temperature ingredients when baking (unless the recipe calls for otherwise). Warmer ingredients are not only easier to mix together, but it will also make the end result fluffier.

The oven temperature is too high

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If your oven temperature is too high, it can cause the outside of your meal to burn and the inside to still be undercooked. It’s important to keep an eye on your food as it cooks because the temperature display on the oven isn’t always accurate, especially on older models.

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