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29 of the Best Meal Prep Containers on Amazon, According to 36,888 Reviews

You know how the dryer always seems to eat your socks? Life, in general, seems to eat my meal prep containers. I'm serious—it doesn't matter how many food storage containers I buy, all of them disappear into some kind of abyss within a month of being purchased.

This mystery is as frustrating as it is perplexing. Motivating myself to meal prep every week is hard enough; the pile-on of constantly running out of meal prep containers is almost too much to bear. (I said "almost." I'm not that dramatic.)

Needless to say, I shop for food storage containers a lot. And I've come to realize there are all kinds of them. Round ones, square ones, rectangular ones. Tall ones, short ones, medium-sized ones. Compartmentalized ones, leak-proof ones, stackable ones—you get the picture. And as you can likely imagine, different dishes fare better in different storage containers, so owning a variety is ideal.

Here, a shopping guide for 29 of the best meal prep containers on Amazon, according to reviewers. Each of these products has at least a 4-star rating after 100 reviews or more.

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