3 Tricks for Looking Ageless in a Selfie

E! News host and Instagram goddess Catt Sadler (@IAMCATTSADLER) shares her top tips for capturing a super flattering photo.

Be real

“Say no to duck face. You want to be age-appropriate! I prefer natural moments, such as a beautiful shot of a barefaced woman after she first wakes up in the morning.”

Look up

“I’m a fan of the high-angle shot because it’s more flattering. Simply hold your camera at arm’s length and slightly higher than your face. If the camera is below your face, you’ll get the dreaded up-the-nose or double-chin effect.”

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Choose the right light

“Natural daylight is ideal. Avoid light that’s shining right down on you. It creates shadows all over your face and adds 10 years. Light should be coming directly at you, essentially at eye level.”

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