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34 Hearty and Healthy Sweet Potato Recipes

There is a lot to love about sweet potatoes, including the bevy of yummy and healthy sweet potato recipes they inspire. 

What makes sweet potatoes so healthy? For starters, the bright orange tubers are a great source of energizing carbohydrates—fuel for your brain and body. They’ve also got a good amount of filling fiber (about 5 grams per medium sweet potato, skin not eaten) which can be beneficial for digestion, LDL cholesterol regulation, and blood sugar stabilization, as SELF has previously reported. Sweet potatoes are also rich in a variety of micronutrients your body needs, including vitamins A, C, and B6, as well as minerals like potassium and manganese. 

Basically, cooking with sweet potatoes is a pretty great way to get some more nutritional goodness into your diet. Not to mention, a whole lot of deliciousness. True to their name, mellow-tasting sweet potatoes add naturally occurring sugars to whatever you’re making, savory or sweet. They’re also texture chameleons: They can be crispy when thinly sliced and roasted, fluffy when baked and mashed, and creamy when cooked and puréed.

We’ve got 34 yummy healthy sweet potato recipes for you that take full advantage of the veggie’s versatility—think silky soups, hearty skillets and stir-fries, delectable pastas, sweet treats, and more. 

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