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36 High-Fiber Foods You Should Be Eating

Filling up on high-fiber foods is never a bad idea. This important nutrient is an essential part of any well-rounded diet, because it helps keep your digestive system regular, your blood sugar levels normal, and it promotes heart health and satiety. But actually fitting enough fiber into your daily diet isn’t exactly easy. The recommended daily intake for women rests at a hefty 25 grams. This high quota is hard for many to meet.

So what’s the best way to ensure you’re always getting the right amount of fiber? You have to know which foods to eat more of. So, what foods are high in fiber? The 36 ones on this list will help you fly past that daily recommendation in no time. We’re not just talking about beans and prunes (though they make the list, obviously). There are quite a few tasty ways to get the fiber your body needs. Some of these high-fiber options might surprise you.

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