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37 Watermelon Recipes That Are Juicy and Refreshing

There’s nothing like sinking your teeth into a juicy wedge of perfectly ripe watermelon.

While it’s always delicious on its own, there are actually a ton of creative watermelon recipes that demonstrate that the fruit is also a surprisingly versatile ingredient in summer cooking.

Watermelon’s sweet and juicy flesh is complemented beautifully by acidic flavors (like balsamic or lime juice), fresh herbs (like mint or basil), soft cheese (like feta or mozzarella), spicy flavors (like jalapeños), and other seasonal produce (like cucumber or avocado).

Those are ingredients you’ll see pop up frequently in the assortment of watermelon recipes below. Along with all sorts of delicious salads—fruit, grain, green—there are recipes for frozen treats, salsas, chilled soups, and clever dishes that cook with the fruit like it’s a protein. You’ll be delighted by what watermelon can do.

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