38 Secrets Your Hair Stylist Won’t Tell You

Bodies and hair change as hormones change


If your hair is dry, listless, or brittle, or if it’s not holding your color or style the way it used to, see a doctor. If your hair isn’t overprocessed, you could be pregnant (surprise!) or menopausal (yes, I can tell). In the meantime, try out these home remedies for dry and damaged hair.

A trim is not “just a trim”


It requires my expertise, skill, knowledge, and time. Would you say to your dentist, “It’s just a tooth,” or to your doctor, “It’s just a leg”?

A dollar bill doesn’t buy anything anymore


That single bill you stuff into the shampoo person’s hands isn’t doing her any favors. You should tip her at least $ 3 (more if your hair is long).

Let me do my job


If you want to buy a bottle of color and do your own hair to save a buck, you can live with the consequences.

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