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45 Summer Salad Recipes Packed With the Season’s Best Ingredients

What do corn, tomatoes, peaches, berries, cucumbers, watermelon, and grilled meats all have in common? They’re all superstar ingredients in the best summer salad recipes.

Let’s get one thing straight: Salads don’t have to be boring or bland—in fact, when you load them with fresh summer fruits, veggies, and herbs, they quickly transform into crave-worthy, flavor-packed side dishes and meals. Summer salads can also be quite hearty, and they don’t need to always include greens. In fact, some of the most delicious and satisfying summer salad recipes have a completely different base, like pasta or quinoa. Some don’t have a base at all and simply feature a mash-up of fresh fruits, veggies, sometimes meats, and light, refreshing dressings. Mix ’em all together, and you’ve got yourself a flavor bomb in a bowl.

The bottom line is that there’s really no wrong way to enjoy a salad this summer. When you’ve got so much in-season produce (and perhaps a grill) at your disposal, you can make great salads all season long and never get bored of them. Need a good place to start? Try some of the great summer salad recipes below.

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