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47 Salad Dressing Recipes That Are So Much Better Than Store-Bought

Salad dressing recipes are the kind of thing that you make one time on a whim, and then realize you’re never going back to store-bought. Premade salad dressings are convenient, sure, but they’re often bland, too sweet, watery, or oversalted. Not to mention, you have to leave your house to obtain them—which, come to think of it, actually makes them pretty inconvenient. We’re in the midst of a pandemic—how bad do you really want to venture out to the grocery store for a mediocre, overpriced bottle of oil and water?

In addition to being quarantine-friendly, homemade salad dressings just taste a thousand times better—fresh, flavorful, and made just to your liking. Along with being tasty AF and customizable, salad dressing recipes are usually super quick to whip up. (The most common method is to simply whisk, blend, or food-process all your ingredients together.) Oh, and they’re generally more budget-friendly than the bottled stuff.

Convinced? Cool. Here are 47 amazing homemade salad dressing recipes.

Perhaps the most popular vinaigrette of all, this one is sweet but versatile. It’ll pair equally well with a strawberry-spinach number or a tomato, basil, and mozzarella caprese.

Get the recipe here.

If your favorite thing about balsamic is its sweetness, you’ll go nuts for this even sweeter blueberry version.

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