48 Simple Ways to Improve Your Sex Life

Take turns meeting each other’s needs

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Share with each other your sexual desires and fantasies. “Take turns fulfilling each other’s personal needs, and you have created an openness and balance in the relationship was not there before,” says Martinez. “Doing this demonstrates your willingness to try things in order to please your partner, and it makes them wanting to do the same for you in return.” Knowing that you are making your partner so fulfilled can be satisfying in and of itself, and knowing that a need and desire of your own is going to be fulfilled, can be arousing to you in general, she adds.

Seek expert guidance

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“Sometimes, even exercise and stress reduction many not be enough to put the spark back in a man’s sex drive,” explains S. Adam Ramin, MD, urologic surgeon and medical director of Urology Cancer Specialists in Los Angeles, California. “When this is the case, an underlying medical condition could be to blame.” He recommends seeking out the help of an experienced and highly-trained urologist who can work with your partner to treat whatever is affecting a man’s sexual function. “Plenty of men experience conditions that can affect their libido and there is no shame in seeking treatment so that you can get back to the sex life you want.”

Smile more often

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It might sound simple, but simply flashing a grin can add some spark back into your sex life. “Smiles communicate physical health, mental well-being, love of life, being present in the moment and being happy inside our bodies,” says Kolbe. “Smiling is sexy, smiling is beautiful, smiling makes us attractive.” So go ahead, and greet your significant other with an ear-to-ear grin. Next, check out the 20 sex myths you still believe.

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