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5 Foods to Eat When You Have the Flu—And One You Should Avoid

Learn the best foods to fight, treat, and beat a cold or the flu.

Try: chicken soup

Closeup of chicken noodle soup.cobraphotography/Shutterstock

Grandma’s favorite remedy contains cysteine, a compound that helps thin mucus and relieve congestion. A serving may also reduce inflammation in the lungs. Try these surprising ways to prevent the cold and flu.

Try: yogurt

Greek yogurt in a bowl, downward view with cloth and spoon on a white marbleJeniFoto/Shutterstock

Cool, creamy yogurt and other dairy products are rich in zinc, which supports the immune system.

Try: citrus and berries

Juniper berries spilled from a spice jarMichelle Lee Photography/Shutterstock

Vitamin C won’t prevent colds, but studies show that eating foods rich in it may get you back to normal more quickly. It also has a slight antihistaminic effect, which may reduce nasal symptoms.

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