5 Sex Positions to Heat Up Chilly Fall Nights

During the sweltering days of summer, the idea of a sweaty, skin-on-skin sex session isn’t so appealing, even with the A/C blasting. But now that temperatures have started to dip and the chillier weather of autumn is in sight, you’re probably craving moves that maximize body contact and and satisfy your need for touching, snuggling—and experiencing seriously pleasurable orgasms.

“The fall season tends to usher in a more romantic type of bonding,” says Sunny Rodgers, ACS, a clinical sexologist, certified sex coach, and ambassador to the American Sexual Health Association. If you’re looking for cozy sex positions that end with the kind of stress relieving, energizing orgasms that make you feel super connected to your partner, here are five Rodgers recommends.

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Missionary wrap-around

Missionary has a reputation as ho-hum, but this cold-weather spin will fog the windows. Lie back on the bed and have your partner position himself on top of you; your bodies should touch at the torso. As he thrusts, wrap your arms around his back or grip his shoulders while you entwine your legs around his lower body, which will encourage him to keep his body pressed tight to yours.

With so much skin-on-ski contact, you’ll create mucho body heat, and pressing your bodies together can make it so your partner’s thrusts are longer, slower, and deeper. Wrapping your legs around your partner can help shift the angle so his penis goes even deeper, delivering G-spot pleasure with each thrust. There’s also the intimacy of facing each other, which lets you “enjoy simple pleasures, like the sight of your partner’s face during climax,” Rodgers says.

Rock the countertop

While you sit on a counter, table, or desk facing your standing partner, have him hold you from behind, so you can lean your body back comfortably. As he penetrates and starts thrusting, place your arms around his torso or over his shoulders for maximum skin contact, and encourage him to slide one hand between your pelvises so he can stimulate your clitoris too.

Unlike other out-of-the-bed positions, this move does not require huge athleticism to sustain it. You can easy kiss or whisper to each other, and you’ll score intimate eye contact too. But the hottest action is happening below the belt. Sitting allows the female partner to experience direct G-spot stimulation, and deep penetration is key for orgasm, says Rodgers—especially as your partner stands and has full use of his hips and legs to thrust at the speed and pace that feels best for you.

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Slow-mo spooning

When you’re already in bed and want to heat yourselves up in a chilly room, spooning is the automatic choice. “You can feel the warmth of each other’s bodies and you’re aligned for easy entry and excellent grinding,” Rodgers says. Sex in this position often is cozy, slow, and languid—think grinding, not thrusting.

Along with intimacy, this position delivers on orgasms. Your partner’s hands can play with and wander along all of your erogenous zones, including your breasts. He can brush his fingertip against your clitoris as he thrusts, or even place a small vibrator close to or on your clitoris as he goes deep for G-spot stimulation, suggests Rodgers. 

69 under the covers

Traditional 69 leaves your body totally exposed, making you feel vulnerable and not necessarily in the right head space to experience an O. But if you two get into this oral sex position under a blanket, it can be a game-changer.

Instead of exposed, you’ll feel cozy and intimate—free to get in sync and please each other. Unlike summer, it won’t be so hot that you hurry to get your orgasm. Under the covers in a cool room, you can take your time and really enjoy each other’s bodies…and experience huge pleasure.

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Lotus lust

This tantric sex position is also known as yab yum: Have your partner sit cross-legged on the floor. Climb into his lap, wrap your legs around his waist, and curl your arms around his back. In turn, he places his arms around your back. Consider propping a pillow under your butt to align your pelvises and amp up the coziness, recommends Rodgers,

The Lotus sex style is basically a seated hug. Along with direct eye contact, all of your body parts are connecting in just the right spots, points out Rodgers. With so much skin touching skin, your bodies will be at full boil as you two work each other up toward climax. “Both partners can find pleasure in being connected via their intimate regions with or without thrusting,” Rodgers says. Just a little bit of grinding can bring immense satisfaction, she adds. Do it in front of a roaring fire if you can; it’s the perfect way to welcome autumn.

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