5 Sex Positions You Can Do With Your Clothes On

Having sex generally means rolling between the sheets totally naked, enjoying the skin-on-skin intimacy that makes you feels so connected and excited.

But getting it on with your clothes on can be thrilling too. The only body parts exposed are your most pleasure-receptive erogenous zones, so they become the main focus of attention. Clothed sex also feels very primal. “It connotes spontaneity, ravishment, and intense desire for your partner,” says New York City sex therapist Stephen Snyder MD, author ofLove Worth Making: How to Have Ridiculously Great Sex in a Long-Lasting Relationship.

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Clothes can often work as a prop that changes the way sex feels, and if you keep them on during a hookup, buttoning them back up is one less thing you have to do after the action is over and you want to part ways. Plus, if being naked makes you feel vulnerable, having clothes on can provide a boost of confidence. And hey, sometimes the room is just too damn cold to strip down, and you end up with the wrong kind of goose bumps. Not sexy.

Ready to get it on—without baring it all? Try these five positions, ideal for getting down and dirty without disrobing.

Saddle straddle

This woman-on-top variation gives you control over both the speed and intensity. While your partner sits on a chair, his pants just unzipped enough, straddle his lap. Push aside your skirt or dress and then your underwear so he can enter you, and keep your blouse on; he can be a bit rougher touching and stroking your breasts when they’re covered up by fabric. 

This face-to-face position can be super intimate,” says certified sex educator Alicia Sinclair, CEO of sex toy lines b-Vibe, Le Wand and The Cowgirl. She notes that it’s ideal for the car; anyone who might see you won’t suspect what’s really going on because your tops are covered. Not wearing a skirt or dress? Push down your pants a bit and try this position with you sitting on his lap facing the same direction.

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Up against the wall

For this position, stand facing your partner with your back against a wall. After he unzips his pants, lift up your dress or skirt and push your underwear aside. (If you’re wearing pants, unzip and lower them on your hips, and lift one leg out of them.) 

Keeping one leg on the floor, lift your other leg up and wrap it around your partner’s waist. (You may wind up on tippy-toes, if there’s a big height difference; standing on a few books or a stool can help.) Grip his shoulders or upper arms with your hands. For your partner, notes Dr. Snyder, this is a pretty athletic position—he might even work up a sweat. Still, his hand can easily move inward to stroke your clitoris.

Another twist on this position: wrap both legs around his thighs, so that your only support is from him lifting you and the wall bracing your back. With one or both legs up, your clothes can act as a cushion as he thrusts inside you. 

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From behind flip-up

Doggy style already has a reputation as a primal, spontaneous position, and this clothes-on version makes it even more so. After your partner unzips his pants, flip up your skirt or dress, or push your pants down. Bend over the arm of the couch and have him enter you from behind.

“[Your] clothes offer an extra bit of friction that can lead to some exciting sensations,” points out Sinclair. And since his pants aren’t completely off, his range of motion is smaller; he won’t be able to thrust back and forth wildly but instead use tighter, deeper motions, the kind that can stroke your G-spot.

Standing L

Lie on the bed or a table and have your partner stand in front. Lift up your skirt or pull down your pants or tights a little, then rest your legs on his shoulders, so that your pelvises make an L-shape. Keep your legs together to create a super tight squeeze, says Sinclair; this will be easy thanks to your pants-encased thighs.

Another spin: Lie down with all your clothes still on…and ask your partner to be the one to push aside your bottoms so he can enter you. Most of us are used to taking our own clothes off, but it can be very erotic to have your partner do it, even if it’s just hiking up your dress and shifting your panties.

Oral adventure

Receiving oral sex is something most women say they enjoy, but it can also make you feel very vulnerable. Keeping most of your clothes on, however, can reduce that vulnerability. Push down your pants to your knees or push aside your skirt or dress just enough, then lower your body so your vulva lines up with his mouth. Face forward, put your hands on the floor for support, and then shift your panties. Or have your partner start the action by stimulating you through that thin fabric, then moving it aside as things heat up.

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