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50 Pies for 50 States

Virginia: Peanut Butter Pie

Virginia: Peanut Butter PieTaste of Home

If you’re snacking on “peanuts and Cracker Jack” at a baseball game, those peanuts are sure to be Virginia peanuts. Now grown in other states as well, the Virginia peanut is the largest of all peanut types. They’re also commonly used in all-natural peanut butter.
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Washington: Apple Pie

Washington: Apple PieTaste of Home

Washington is the nation’s apple powerhouse, with more than 175,000 acres of orchards producing 125 million boxes—or 2.5 million tons—of apples every year. It takes between 35,000 and 45,000 pickers to harvest the crop during peak season: Apples are picked by hand, rather than machinery.
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West Virginia: Golden Delicious Apple Pie

West Virginia: Golden Delicious Apple PieTaste of Home

Now forget about Washington, the Mountain State is the official home of the Golden Delicious apple—it was first grown by Andrew H. Mullins in Clay County, in 1912. No relation to the Red Delicious, it is the mama apple for Galas, Ambrosias, Pink Ladies, Mutsus and Jonagolds.
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