56 Secrets Life Coaches Won’t Tell You for Free

You’re suffering? Good.


“Whether it’s for financial, spiritual, physical, or mental success, my first tip to my clients is to build a positive relationship with suffering. I have had clients that have struggled with PTSD, anxiety, depression, stress, and fear and they’re usually surprised when the first thing I tell them is ‘Great!’ The point is not to get rid of any of these as they are not ‘bad’ emotions despite what we have been led to believe. Instead, embrace them, harness them, and leverage them to work for you.” —Akshay Nanavati, life coach, author, and creator of Fearvana

If you’re stuck, pushing harder won’t make you move faster


“If you’re stuck on something in your life, take a break from it and learn a brand new hobby or skill. This takes the focus off being stuck, builds confidence and energy around something else entirely, gets your endorphins going, and boosts your serotonin. Eventually this will make it easier to naturally get unstuck in the original problem.” —Lisa Barrington, certified coach and workplace strategist. Don’t miss these 11 daily morning habits of highly organized people.

You’re the one limiting your options


“I’ve seen too many people who think that in a given situation they must choose between ‘a’ or ‘b’ and get upset when neither of those things are what they want. But in reality, the world offers unlimited options. You’re the one limiting yourself.” —Lisa Barrington

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