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6 Items You Can Purge From Your Kitchen Guilt-Free

The dishes you never reach for

Most of us will host a dinner party, or two if we’re lucky, outside the holiday season (and we know that you’re dying to know what your dinner party host secretly thinks about you!) But we keep dozens of plates, wine glasses and bowls inside our cabinets. Realistically, we use the same few plates over and over again. Jones only stocks enough dishware (coffee cups, stemless wine glasses, dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowls, and water glasses) for her family—plus, two extra. That’s it. Limiting the number of dishes helps her maintain a clean kitchen. “I would wait until all the dishes are used up before I washed the dishes. Now, I am limited so I have to wash the dishes regularly.”

Jones keeps a set of her grandmother’s Corelle plates for holiday parties with her extended family. “There are 30 plates, which don’t take up much space. I keep them in the cupboard that isn’t accessed often,” she said.

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