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6 Reasons To Drink Pukka Lean Matcha Green

The cornerstone of any healthy diet is variety, but we’re all creatures of habit – whether that means turning to coffee every time you need a boost then wondering why you can’t get to sleep at night, or glugging down smoothies because you think that that’s the best way to get your five-a-day (newsflash – it’s not). Just two examples to remind you that you can have too much of a good thing.

That’s why we think it’s a good idea to broaden your beverage horizons and stop boring your taste buds. And that’s reason number one why we think you should get yourself a box of Pukka’s organic Lean Matcha Green and reach for it the next time you fill up the kettle. In fact, you can have that one for free! Here are six more reasons to stock up.

1. It’s delightfully tasty

If you’ve been put off by the weak, watery taste of some herbal teas, we’d wager the first sip of Lean Matcha Green will make a convert of you (just make sure you steep it for the recommended 15 minutes). In fact, the punchy aroma of cinnamon, ginger, fennel and other spices may do the trick before the cup even touches your lips.

Lean Matcha Green marries two types of tea that aren’t as oxidised as black tea: oolong, which is semi-oxidised, and matcha, a type of green tea that isn’t oxidised at all. This combination helps it to pull off the tricky feat of keeping some of tea’s body, while leaving room for those tasty herbs and spices to surprise, delight and refresh you.

So unless you’ve trained yourself to like nothing but the bitter bite of black coffee, you’ll almost certainly enjoy the full, spicy flavour of Lean Matcha Green.

2. It’s so tasty, in fact, that you won’t require the sweet stuff…

Unless you’re very careful, there’s a lot of sugar in your diet and experts say it’s wise to cut down where we can. If you like to sweeten your hot drinks (or you’re partial to the more-than-occasional hot chocolate), that adds up to a large whack of sugar over the course of a year. Lean Matcha Green, on the other hand, is sweet enough already, thanks to the cinnamon bark and fennel seed it contains.

3. …or the white stuff

Most of us like something in tea or coffee that lightens the flavour, usually milk – which can be a problem if you’re lactose-intolerant or vegan. If you’re looking to lose or maintain your weight, even a non-dairy alternative isn’t ideal because of the extra calories it adds. The milder taste of Lean Matcha Green, on the other hand, means you don’t have use anything to mask bitter flavours.

4. It’s got – no surprises here – matcha in it

Yes, you’ve probably guessed that already from the name, but perhaps you’ve also been wondering why you should drink it and what all the fuss is about. “Matcha uses only the freshest green tips of the tea’s leaves,” explains nutritionist Cassandra Barns. “From the time when the leaves start to come out until they’re picked, they’re shaded from the sun. This is thought to increase the content of chlorophyll and other antioxidant substances like catechins.”

Sounds all right to us – at least until you clock the price of matcha powder. Consider Lean Matcha Green an accessible, affordable way to dip your toe in the water.

5. It’ll help you cut down on caffeine

Ever had a cup of coffee late in the working day to make it through until home time and then struggled to drift off to sleep come bedtime? That’ll probably be the caffeine. You could opt for black tea to dial down the amount of caffeine, but you can go further. Both oolong and green tea have less caffeine than their oxidised cousin. There’s still some of the stimulant in there so, depending on your tolerance, you should be able to focus for the final straight but not wind up lying in bed staring at the ceiling wondering why you can’t sleep when you’re so tired.

6. It’ll keep you hydrated

You know you should probably drink more water. You may even keep a water bottle on your desk. But if you can stand sipping more than a litre or two of plain water a day, you’re a better person than us. The solution? Brew up a batch of Lean Matcha Green in the morning, fill up your water bottle and pop it in the fridge. You’ll find Lean Matcha Green is just as refreshing cold as it is hot – all the while helping to keep you hydrated.

Discover more about the ingredients in Lean Matcha Green, or just go ahead and buy some! £2.99 for box of 20 sachets, buy on

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