7 Cleaning Products I Swear By When My Mind Is a Mess

The relationship between cleaning and my mental health is, well, a complicated one. On the one hand, cleaning can be my emergency self-care: When I’m in an anxiety spiral or at risk of being swallowed whole by my feelings, it’s something small I can control. On the other, sometimes when I’m most in need of self-care, cleaning is super difficult because I don’t have the emotional and physical energy for it, so it falls by the wayside. At any given time, you can probably tell a lot about my mental state by the state of my apartment.

Because of all of this, I have spent a lot of time experimenting with how best to keep my apartment clean: What products make cleaning easier when my place has turned into a depression cave? Which do a really thorough job when I’m totally spiraling? What hacky things can I do to clean up a little when I don’t have time for a big clean? Through a buttload of trial and error, I actually have some answers for you.

Here are my favorite products that make keeping a clean apartment simpler, even when my mind is a mess:

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