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7 Mistakes Everybody Makes When Deep Frying

When you’re cooking up onion rings or breaded chicken, it helps to have some deep frying secrets!

Deep frying medu vada in the pan. Medu Vada is a savoury snack from South India, very common street food in the IndiaRahul Dsilva/Shutterstock

What’s better than golden doughnuts or crispy crinkle-cut fries? It’s all good stuff. But for anyone who hasn’t quite mastered deep frying, we’re here to help. You’ll need the right pan, our handy deep-frying guide, and some insider knowledge.

Read on for seven common deep-frying mistakes and how to fix ’em!

Mistake #1: Frying at too high a temperature

french friesK321/Shutterstock

For a perfectly crispy piece of fried chicken, make sure your oil is between 325 and 390o F. Any higher, and your food will cook too quickly and get dry, or even worse, burn on the outside and be under-cooked inside. Then, find out the difference between air frying and baking.

Mistake #2: Frying at too low a temperature

Frying donuts in oiled pansShutterstock/rittikorn poonwong

Be particular about your cooking oil—the temperature can’t be too low, either. It will result in soggy food that hasn’t been properly crisped. (No good!) Invest in a clip-on thermometer like this when you’re frying at home so you can make sure your temperature is just right every time.

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