7 Secrets of Hair Pros to Keep Hair Selfie-Ready

In the A.M.

Maridav/ShutterstockThe shinier your hair, the better the shot. Celebrity hairstylist, Johnny Lavoy—Miranda Lambert’s “mane man”—recommends a final cold rinse after washing your hair. “Doing this allows the hair to reflect more light, resulting in shiny hair,” he said. He also recommends drying with an ionic dryer, like the PRO Beauty Tools 1875 Watt Ionic Dryer, which also has a cold shot button (a more comfortable option than the cold rinse!) “Ionic technology is great for fighting frizz, static and results in a shinier blowout,” he added. Find out tips for taking a perfect selfie every time

TV-ready = selfie-ready

LightField Studios/ShutterstockGood Morning America anchor, Lara Spencer, always looks great in her selfies. Her stylist, Gregg Giannillo, shares how he gets Lara ready for a long day in front of the camera. “How you use a towel is important to hair care,” he said. “Towel dry by “wringing” the hair as opposed to rubbing with the towel—rubbing roughens up the hair strands causing frizz and breakage.” Lara also gets a daily brush through of a product Giannillo created called Satin Slip, which helps with all over smoothness, shine, and silkiness. Here are some facts about selfies we bet you didn’t know

Muss it up

Young afro american woman in an old fashion styleLuna Vandoorne/ShutterstockEveryone’s looking for simple ways to make their coiffure look sharp. Writer and on-air beauty expert Grace Gold said, “Hair can look helmet-y if you try to make it look perfect. I always run my fingers through my hair right before a shot to quickly boost volume at the roots so that it looks lived-in and touchable.” 

Tame that mane

puhhha/ShutterstockIf you are prone to flyaways during the day, hair-loss expert, Danielle Marzella Grillo of Transitions Hair Solutions, recommends having a creamy styling serum on hand to keep those flyways at bay. “Simply apply a few dabs on your hair before snapping your selfie. Your hair will look sleek and styled,” she said. She recommends the CRLab Nutritive Serum.

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Resolve split ends

Woman hand holding her long hair with looking at damaged splitting ends of hair care problemsMonthira/ShutterstockLavoy recommends frequent trims since split ends can detract from even the best selfie. “Think of a split end like a chipped nail,” he said. “If you don’t clip it or file it down, it will continue to chip…same with hair.” As a preventive measure, he also protects the hair using a leave-in treatment, like Infusium Repair + Renew Leave-In Spray. These hair mistakes are causing your split ends, by the way. 

Refresh your hair

Woman hand 's holding bottle spray against gray backgroundLittlekidmoment/ShutterstockHair can lose volume or get frizzy as the day progresses. Pearson Knight, creative director of hair care styling system PK by Pearson Knight, uses Beach Grit Spray on his clients. He said, “Keep a bottle in the car to mist natural curly/wavy hair and tame frizz while resetting curls,” he said. “To quickly refresh blowout volume, lightly mist the interior under the top layer by the roots and plump with hands. A girls’ secret weapon to staying selfie ready on the go!” Now, find out the 50+ selfie captions that will make your friends laugh.

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