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7 Self-Checkout Secrets Grocery Store Clerks Wish You Knew

Scan in the order you want to bag

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If there’s a long line at the self-checkout, some people feel anxious and rush through it. This can cause mistakes which need an attendant’s help. One thing that can help bagging go smoother is to scan items in the same order you would bag them in. So, boxes, cans and other heavy items first. You’ll also want to bag similar items together (like all the frozen foods). Psst: When you’re shopping, fill your cart in bagging groups.

Punch in the PLU code

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When buying produce, customers typically look up the item by name. But it’s easy to second guess yourself when scrolling through all the different types of apples and tomatoes, especially if you picked up something different from the norm because it was on sale. If you spent extra time hunting for the best deal, it’d be a shame to miss out on it because you entered in the wrong item. It’s much easier to punch in the PLU code. Just enter the 4- or 5-digit code and boom, the machine knows exactly what you’re purchasing.

Set items in the bagging area (even if you don’t bag them)

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Weight is a very important factor at the self-checkout. Most machines use an item’s weight to determine that what you bought is truly what you said you bought. It’s a way to prevent shoplifting. So, even if you don’t need a bag to carry your chips or soda, it’s still necessary to place it in the bagging area after it’s been scanned. You can use this trick when you shop at one of the top grocery stores in America.

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