7 Ways You’re Shortening the Life of Your Coffee Maker

Avoid these things if you want to make sure your beloved coffee maker doesn’t die on you too early.

You’re not cleaning or descaling it

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If you read that and instantly asked out loud, “I’m supposed to clean it?” Then guess what? First of all, you’re just like us. And second of all, you could be shortening the life of your coffee maker. The extra gunk and dust that gets into your machine can cause, overheating, calcium deposits, and even mold. Have a cleaning schedule for your machine and stick to it. Clean the glass carafe every time you use it, and follow these steps to deep cleaning your coffee maker once a month to avoid drinking mold and bacteria along with your morning cup of coffee.

You’re leaving old grounds in

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We’re all guilty of it. You brew the pot, pour your cup, and run out the door, leaving the old, wet beans for the next person who uses it—or you, tomorrow. Not a huge deal, right? Unfortunately, not so much. “Always clean out the wet coffee grinds as soon as you’re done brewing,” Dan Scalco, creator of Food Box HQ, told Reader’s Digest. “The warm or damp conditions create a prime environment for mold and bacteria to collect.” Not only can this lead to the premature breakdown of your hard-working coffee pot, but it can also make you sick.

You’re using the wrong grind

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Different pots are made for different levels of grind. Using the wrong sort can damage your coffee maker. For example, if you prefer cold brewing or using a French press, you’ll want a courser grind, and with drip pots, or a café solo brewer, you’ll want more of a medium grind. A finer grind is right for pour-over cones, espresso machines, or percolators. Using the wrong kind of grind can make your machine work harder than it’s designed to. Just like these 14 mistakes you’re making with your coffee pot, the wrong grind can also lead to a subpar tasting cup of coffee.

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