8 Ways to Build Trust with Your Coworkers

Generally, one-third of our days are spent at work. This work environment can either enhance or diminish employee morale and productivity. Learning how to build trust with coworkers can improve efficiency, attitude, and confidence. Use these tips from experts on how to build trust in your workplace.

Pick a positive environment

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The most talented people in any industry are in demand and have options where they want to work. “A high-trust environment fosters what some call psychological safety, resulting in a more open and collaborative work culture,” explains Robert Bruce Shaw, managing principal Princeton MCG, a consulting firm in Princeton, New Jersey and author of Trust in the Balance and Extreme Teams. “Research suggests that psychology safety is a key to success particularly at a team level.”

Demonstrate concern


“Trust operates on multiple levels: at a company level in terms of culture, at a team level in regard to the relationships among the members, and at an interpersonal level between two people,” Shaw says. By showing you care about your colleagues, others will begin to trust and a relationship of mutual trust can build. Try one of these 11 non-awkward ways to make small talk.

Be self-revealing


Within limits, sharing a bit about who you are can be extremely helpful. “Especially for leaders or managers, sharing a story about a time you may have failed and what you learned from it can make you seem more human, not perfect, and certainly builds camaraderie and trust,” says Ruth Sherman, founder and president Ruth Sherman Associates LLC, in Greenwich, Connecticut, and author of Speakrets® The 30 Best, Most Essential, Most Overlooked Marketing & Personal Branding Essentials.

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