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9 Fast-Food Items That Made Waves in the Industry

Beyond Meat Burgers

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Although the company started only selling patties in Whole Foods, Beyond Meat Burgers are now everywhere, from hotels to sports stadiums, in addition to restaurants, CNBC reports. And the plant-based vegan patty appeals to meat-eaters, too. That’s probably why fast-food and fast-casual restaurants including, White Castle, Carl’s Jr., Del Taco, Subway, TGI Friday’s, and Tim Hortons all serve Beyond Meat Burgers. In fact, many of the most popular vegetarian items at fast-food restaurants are Beyond Meat burgers.

KFC’s Donut Sandwich

 Two chicken donuts sandwich served on a white platekathrinerajalingam/Shutterstock

Chicken and waffles might be a classic dish, but KFC took things to another level by introducing the KFC Donut Sandwich. And there are mixed feelings about this indulgent menu item that sandwiches fried chicken and donuts. One report sums it up and says, “KFC’s new fried chicken and donut sandwich is terrifying and delicious.” People think the sandwich is in response to the new popular Popeyes Chicken Sandwich, while others think it’s just an easy way to eat a not-so-healthy food combination, Business Insider reports. If you like trying out-of-the-box foods, opt for one of these new fast-food items of 2019.

The Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos Tacos

doritos locos tacorblfmr/Shutterstock

Since the launch of the Taco Bell Doritos Locos Tacos, the fast-food chain has sold more than 450 million tacos, Fast Company reports. Although initial tests of the product flopped, the Dorito-like shell and taco is now a staple menu item. Word of mouth and social media blasts were so important to the success of the taco. Now, it’s not just a single product, either. Taco Bell and Frito-Lay signed a contract to they can collaborate in the future, so it’s probably not the last time Taco Bell will introduce new shell flavors. The theme of Taco Bell’s restaurants hasn’t changed too drastically, but their menu sure has.

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