9 Fun Relationship Games for Couples to Feel More Connected

What if you get something which makes your relationship stronger and interesting? Yes, you heard it correct! We have the top 10 Fun Relationship Games for Couples, which are amazing and helps your relationship to build feel closer and happier.

Try out these games, and you’ll have the attractive feeling for which you have been craving for!

If you remember the first month of your relationship where you wanted to do was to get all of each other and to know more about each other lives. Don’t just sigh and long for the days past when you can actually cultivate the same level of intimacy or even deeper.

Now the question is, can we really turn intimacy into a habit?
Without any doubt, the answer is “Yes.” If you think that your relationship is now not that much juicy even you have been in it for decades, then some playful activities can put intimacy back in your relationship.

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Fun Relationship Games for Couples that build Intimacy

Couples need a cozy and private or relaxed atmosphere. Intimacy starts happening before you enter the room. You, people, need the nurturing and a good connection of love between each other for the right connection of souls.

Here we have some games for you to play with your partner to bring fun and intimacy back in your relationship.

>1. Chore Wheel

couples love games

So cleaning house at the weekend can be a bit headache. So if you are looking forward to that, then this game is especially for you.

You have to take the wheel and write different chores on it like throwing garbage, cleaning the sofa, cleaning bathroom and kitchen, etc. Each spin of the wheel will tell which chores you or your partner will have to do. It could be much more fun. Try this out!!

Now whoever finishes the game wins the game and will be a King or queen for that night and whoever loses will be its slave.

The winner will decide what food will be cooked and which movie to watch. It will make your weekend into fun and playful and helps in creating intimacy with your partner for the long term.

>2. Rolling dice

relationship fun games for couples

One of the most fun and interesting games of all time. In “Rolling Dice” game you will need two big dices and one piece of paper.

Now what you have to do is Make two columns on the paper. In the first column write twelve loving calls like a kiss, love bite, nibble, sing, tickle, etc. and on another column write down the body parts or places like restaurant, hand, cheek, resort, bar, lips, club, bathroom, etc.

Both of you have to roll both the dice in alternate chance. The first dice indicates the first column, and the second dice will indicate the second column.

For Example: If you get the kiss on the first column and bathroom in the second column then you have to kiss your partner in the bathroom. It helps the chances of intimacy with your partner. There is always something you look forward to.

>3. Twenty-One Questions

This game is one of the classic game, and the reason behind that is, it’s so efficient in developing intimacy.

The game is straight forward. You and your partner ask the questions ina alternate way with each other. The questions can be full of naughtiness.

You both have to be honest with your answers as well as each other. Completely simple.

For Example: Did you ever fake an orgasm?
“You life secret which you didn’t even tell me?”,
“Have you kissed someone before me ?”
Make sure to play this game with a light heart not to think very deep after playing the game. Otherwise, it will make an effect on your relationship.

>4. Cook-Off

Invites your friends and family to your house for a significant part fest. Now turn the kitchen into hell by having a cook-off. Just like the Chore Wheel game, you have to take the wheel and write different chores on it for cooking different items, including cocktails and mocktails. Let your guests be the judge.

However, if you’re a great cook and your partner obviously is not, make sure you fall a hint to the guests, so they at least vote one dish of your partner. You don’t want your sweetheart to feel so low or else they’d lose enthusiasm the next time you suggest a cook-off.

Games to build intimacy in the bedroom

So many couples think that having a massage, or prolonged necking with a partner can be interesting to build intimacy. Although they are good, you should try out the below games which can play in the bedroom with your partner.

You will feel actual sex just becomes the extra cheese on the pizza. Here are some of the entertaining sexual games which will develop intimacy in your relationship.

>5. Truth or Dare

partners playing truth and dare

Haha. One of my favourite game. You don’t need anything for this game. Your presence itself is everything for this game.

Make some small paper chits and write randomly some questions for truth and some dare in each chit, then place all the chits in one bowl.

For truth, the question can be anything like, What I can do to make you turn ON right now? Or, do you ever kissed two people at the same time one after another?
Questions can be anything either its related to sex, naughtiness or something which you want.

For Dare Question can be quite simple like Try to do belly dance for me or, sit above me, and give me a love bite on my neck, give massage to me, etc.
As you are partners so you can give the different tasks to each other depends on what is going in your mind.

>6. Naked Hide and Seek

partners playing hide and seek - relationship fun games for couples

Want to try? As the name of the game itself tells everything. When there is no one in your home except you and your partner, then strip your clothes off and go on naked hide and seek.

The endorphin reduces stress, and you will feel a more positive feeling in the body, which can lead to more fulfilling sex with your partner. You can also do these things when your partner is too severe.

It will make him or her more comfortable, pleased to do these silly, playful activities with you. It will not only make things interesting also helps to increase intimacy.

>7. Sexy Blindfold Game

sexy blindfold game - relationship fun games for couples

You people heard about the blindfold game. But many of you don’t know about the sexy blindfold game. It’s not very different from a blindfold game, and even we can say its similar to that one.

In this game, you have to blindfold your partner can put different things in his or her mouth. It can be anything like fruits, chocolate, your tongue, finger, nose anything you can think of.

These type of games builds a complete trust and helps in making your relationship more stronger. Take turns alternately so that both of you know what it feels to like to be exposed.

>8. Staring Contest Game

Staring your partner can be interesting and exciting at the same time. Now when was the last time you stare at your partner for a long time with the sexiness in your mind? String into your partner eyes for more than fifteen seconds creates intimacy.

Many people suggest or recommend it as a therapy. Their thinking is our eyes are the direct window to our soul, and you will feel connected. You can try out this game with your partner and see how true that is.

You just have to sit with your partner in the bed naked and stare at each other without blinking. Now the question is, what if any of one can blink first? So the person who blinks first has to perform some sexual activity to the winner.

>9. Sexy Twister game

partners playing twister game

Twister is a game of physical skill. This game is released in the late 60s. But still, this game is trending if you know how to make fun out of it. This game you can play with your partner.

What you have to do is place a large mat of different colors where you will fix your hands or legs, for example – left leg blue and right-hand yellow, etc. For each chance strip off your clothes piece by piece as you play. Covert it into a Kama Sutra game.

It will be much more fun and helps in increasing intimacy.

Above we defined some of the top Fun Relationship Games for Couples which you can play with your partner, And both can spend a good time together which helps couples to boost the relationship positively.

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Fun Relationship Games for Couples

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