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9 Gross Things Restaurants Do to Save Money

You might think twice about going out to eat after reading this.

Pre-prepare foods

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Timing is everything in the restaurant world. If customers have to wait forever for their food they probably won’t come back. When the dinner rush arrives chefs need to get food out to their customers in a timely manner. Some restaurants will cook food ahead of time and then heat it up. If a customer orders something that has been pre-cooked, someone will just throw it in the microwave, dress it up a little, and serve it. These are the dirty restaurant secrets the kitchen crew won’t tell you.

Not wearing gloves

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Many restaurant workers don’t bother wearing gloves while handling food. A study done by Food Safety News found that 62 percent of restaurant workers handling raw beef didn’t wash their hands before touching other food.

Combine ketchup bottles

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In some areas, it’s not against the health code to marry ketchup bottles, and in areas where it isn’t allowed, the rule is rarely enforced. Think about how many people use those ketchup bottles on a daily basis. They’re not very clean and sometimes the process that some restaurants use to transfer the condiment can be unsanitary. This is the gross reason you should never, ever use the pepper shakers at restaurants.

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