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9 Secrets for the Best Baked Ham Ever

The star of any holiday brunch is a perfectly baked ham, with moist meat and a crunchy coating. But since that’s easier said than done, we’ve rounded up a couple secrets to help make your ham heavenly.

Buy bone-in ham

Baked Ham with Honey-Chipotle GlazeTaste of Home

While a boneless ham may be more convenient, a bone-in ham will be more flavorful and moist. And if you’re a little wary of carving your own meat, opt for the semi-boneless, which gives you the best of both worlds. Here’s everything you need to know about buying the best ham.

Let the ham sit at room temperature

Easy and Elegant HamTaste of Home

For an evenly-cooked ham, let the meat sit on the counter for one to two hours before baking it. This will bring it to room temperature, allowing the ham to cook all the way through without drying out or overcooking at the edges. All home cooks should know these 25 kitchen shortcuts you’ll wish you knew sooner.

Cook cut side down

Carving hamTaste of Home

Place the ham so that the cut side (the flat side) is face-down in the bottom of your pan. This prevents the ham from getting dry while it bakes and ensures you have a delicious dish that you’ll want seconds (and thirds!) of. And if you have leftovers, there are more than enough clever ways to use up leftover ham.

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