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9 Things You Didn’t Know About IHOP’s Secret Menu

There’s a lot more you can order than pancakes!

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IHOP is famous for its breakfast. If you’re in the mood, you can choose between a variety of favorites, from Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity Pancakes to T-Bone Steak and Eggs. But sometimes even when you’re in a familiar place, you’re in the mood for something new. You’ll be happy to hear that IHOP has a secret menu that ventures beyond the tried-and-true. Here’s what you need to know:

French food is big

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The chain seems as American as all get out. So it may surprise you that if you ask, you can finish your meal off with some Red Velvet Chocolate Cheesecake Macarons, Spoon University reports. The chain also caters to Francophiles with a Roquefort and Pear Souffle that you can request as part of its dinner menu.

IHOP likes rare beef too

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If you have a hankering for some rare beef, you can request Steak Tartare, a staple of some higher-end eateries. The cook will serve the meat with egg yolks, seasoned with onions and capers. Here’s why IHOP briefly changed its name.

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