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9 Things You Should Always Buy at Wegmans

This popular supermarket sells more than your typical groceries.


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Prepared foods at Wegmans have rave reviews—but their subs are especially noteworthy. Everyone has a favorite order, and even if you skip the whole grocery shopping experience you can enjoy Wegmans simply with their sandwiches. Local media goes as far as rating the best options. (Roast beef ranks as the best cold option and the Italian chicken finger holds the top spot for hot sandwiches.) The hot and cold varieties range from about $ 4.50 for a seven-inch sandwich to $ 10 for a 14-inch sandwich, per Wegmans.


a row of sushi/ California rollsDarren K. Fisher/Shutterstock

If you don’t feel like eating a sandwich, try a roll from the Wegmans’ sushi bar. Again, this prepared food might not be on your typical grocery list, but it should. A California roll with white rice runs for about $ 5.49 in comparison to the average price of $ 6.99, according to Eater. Here are 7 perks only Wegmans shoppers know about.


Variety of cheese on tableAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

Wegmans offers a great selection of cheese—more than 700 varieties, according to USA Today. The grocery chain takes cheese so seriously that they built a high-tech facility in Rochester, New York to, “replicate the effect that cave ripening has on cheese,” Kiplinger reports. This effect is thanks to cool temperatures combined with high humidity typically found in caves, according to Murray’s Cheese. Europeans traditionally used this technique for years before refrigeration, Serious Eats reports.

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