A 4-Move Plyometric Workout From Jennifer Garner’s Trainer You Can Do at Home

If you literally only have minutes to squeeze in a workout, celebrity trainer Simone De La Rue is here for you. Jennifer Garner’s trainer, who also works with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, recently shared a four-move circuit on Instagram that delivers both sweaty cardio and lower-body strengthening in only 10 minutes (yes, really).

Even better, you don’t need any equipment to bang it out—just your bodyweight.

Now, we realize that a 10-minute workout might sound, well, easy. But don’t be fooled: This quick circuit can be seriously challenging.

“It would be a 10 out of 10,” De La Rue—the founder of the Body By Simone fitness method—tells SELF of the workout’s intensity. (Of course, the intensity of the workout depends on how you execute each move, and how much rest you take between each. You can certainly dial the intensity down if you’d like.)

So what, exactly, makes the circuit (check it out below) so challenging?

First of all, it’s built entirely on plyometric exercises—quick explosive movements, like jumps and hops, that typically crank up your heart rate. Plyometric training is “for speed and power,” says De La Rue, who does plyo moves herself and gives them to clients. They’re also “a really great multitasking exercise,” she explains, as they deliver both cardio and strength training at the same time.

When it comes to strengthening, this particular plyo circuit targets the lower body muscles, especially those in the posterior chain (the backside of your body, like your hamstrings and glutes), as well as your quads. These muscles will supply the strength and power you need to get height and explosiveness on each move, which is a major goal of this circuit.

On top of that, the second move (jump squat with toe tap) engages the inner thighs while incorporating coordination work, says Los Angeles–based De La Rue. And the last move in the circuit (tuck jump) engages your entire core and back, especially the lower part of your abs, she says. Add all of that together and you have a great lower-body strengthener—with bonus core work—that will leave you sweaty in practically no time.

All that said, this workout isn’t ideal for everyone. De La Rue doesn’t recommend this intense routine (and plyometrics in general) for beginner exercisers. You should also sit this one out if you have any knee, back, ankle, or hip injuries, she adds, as it’s centered on high-impact jumping. If you’re not sure if these moves are right for you, check with your doctor first.

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